Once upon a time, there was a dream, where man and the land recovered their old friendship.

The concept is simple: sowing, growing and harvesting by using the compost we produce on site and recycling the biodegradable products (coffee grounds and eggshells) from the breakfasts we serve at our hotel Charming Trulli.

The compost is used in the organic garden behind the Trattoria, where the first fruits grow, as well as in Terra Madre Country, about 2 hectares of land situated a few km from the city center, which are divided into 3 small plots cultivated 2 months apart one from the other to guarantee the crop rotation.

The philosophy of our menu is to celebrate vegetables.  Instead of using the freezer, fruits remain on the tree until they reach maturity, to ensure that they are as fresh and flavorsome as nature intended.

The cuisine is simple, with strong and intense flavors, like at home, but we only use organic ingredients so there is no alteration or chemical manipulation caused by fertilizers.

The Trattoria Terra Madre is an old trulli house consisting of four beautifully restored cones, where antiquity and modernity are wonderfully combined.

The themed rooms are the distinctive trait of the Trattoria. In the alcoves called Winter Organic Garden and Summer Organic Garden, each table is identified by one of the vegetables harvested during their respective seasons. Other tables take their name from the typical dishes of the local tradition. Another room is completely dedicated to bakery products, bread and focaccia, obtained by growth with secular mother yeast. The veranda tells about all the processing steps in the organic garden, from composting and plowing to harvesting.

Eating inside the trulli or in the air-conditioned veranda near the organic garden is definitely a unique experience.